Help us to build the bridge for bright, disadvantaged children to develop into our next generation of thought leaders and innovators.

When it comes to intelligence and raw natural talent, it resides all around us. Yet often it’s in places we either don’t expect, or think to look.

It’s easy, when considering the brightest minds, to think of academic institutions such as Eton, Oxford and Cambridge as the bastions of the best of the best. This can indeed be true.

However, primary schools and comprehensives up and down the country have many amazingly gifted children who simply do not get the opportunity to flourish and make the most of their abilities.

Whether it’s through lack of funding to broaden experience or access to enhanced tuition, too many fail to reach their full potential.

Sometimes as adults, we don’t know what we don’t know. If a family has never experienced significant academic attainment or horizon-expanding time spent at university, it may not be on the radar at all, or rarely discussed.

In these circumstances it’s easy to see why reaching academic potential and the opportunities it presents is not something that’s specifically strived for. All too often this means the child simply repeats another generational cycle of the familiar.

At MST Foundation, we’re working with schools and motivated parents to help talented pupils to be the best they can be with a view to helping them access life-enhancing opportunities.

We believe education is the cornerstone on which this opportunity is built and our mission is to help as many talented children as possible to aspire to greatness on their chosen path.

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